pcb design

Our design team will take your electronic or robotic project from concept to prototype to manufacture, utilising over 16 years of experience in digital, analogue and emerging technologies.

Experience includes multi-layer PCB design, and design for test / manufacture for robotic, medical, and commercial applications.

We will work with you to provide the best solution for your application, whether it be a new concept or a bespoke variation of our own products.



Application software and Embedded Firmware development in a number of languages and protocols, for a wide range of platforms.

Stress testing to ensure stability in worst-case conditions outside of normal operating limits.

Version control through GitHub for controlled development and collaborative work.



For projects which require an enclosure, we offer a CAD and Rapid Prototype 3D FDM modelling service to develop and perfect your design before you commit to expensive prototypes and tooling.


why choose us?

We pride ourselves on our friendly approach and our perfectionist attention to detail in all that we do. Being a small company we do not have the time restrictions that larger companies must impose on their customers and therefore can work closer to our clients and meet tighter deadlines. Whether you're designing something robotic or purely electronic, together we can find a solution that suits both your application and your budget.

We provide full product life cycle support for new products from an initial specification (issued to us or through collaboration), and can cater for continued development of existing projects at any design stage.

Each stage of the development is verified before moving ahead (with testing and simulation where possible), then signed off by both parties to ensure that crucial mistakes are avoided to reduce your overall cost and development time.

With free consultation and competitive rates, why not get in touch and see how we can help!



PCB design: Protel / Altium Design, Proteus, KiCad (others can be translated or imported).

Programming: C, C++, Assembler, Python, Basic, Linux (drivers / applications). Verilog / VHDL. Github repositories and Architectures: ARM families, AVR, PIC, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:Bit, Arduino, FPGA / PLD and more.

Technologies: UART, SPI/I2C, USB, ISM-Band (433/868/933MHz) Certified RF interfaces, TCP/IP and UDP over Ethernet / Wifi, Bluetooth / BLE, IoT. Ultra low-power, battery-powered and low noise design.

Enclosures: FDM modelling with 3mm Filament in ABS / PLA / Ninjaflex and other materials.

Testing: EMC Compliance for CE approval, bespoke ATE test rigs using sprung pin or wired interfaces with / without PC control and test recording.

Documentation: Full workflow package available on project completion for all stages of development.


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